If you do not need a physical office, but would like to use a reception and business address service, House of Business can provide you this at high-prestige locations.
HoB Virtuális Iroda

A virtual office provides a high-prestige business address and telephone number, in case you want to maintain a corporate appearance, but wish to work remotely, from anywhere in the world. You can have an office without actually having an office. A virtual office means that the client does not use physical office space, but it uses certain services directly related to the use of an office, such as a business address, telephone number, taking and forwarding messages, having a company sign display, mail handling, receptionist assistant, administrative background, occasional meeting or conference room rental.

A virtual office allows its customers to see your company as operating in a highly prestigious office building even if, in a physical sense, your business does not require an office there. A virtual office can therefore provide a practical, cost-effective and convenient solution for those who need a reputable head office.

Virtuális szolgáltatások


Head office and business address services

In our premium office building, we give your virtual office a prestigious business address

Company signage

The appearance of the name of the company in the list of office tenants on the totem column of the office building

Reception and secretarial services

Guiding visitors, escorting them to the offices if requested, carrying out day-to-day administrative tasks

Handling of mail

Sending, receipt, delivery of postal mail, own company mailbox

Handling of telephone inquiries

Handling telephone calls, recording and delivering messages

Customer Testimonials

László Veszelovszky, ONEON Technologies Zrt.

Clean, well-equipped offices and meeting rooms. House of Business provides the technical background satisfying today’s business requirements. In the conference rooms, in addition to the displays suitable for video conferences, coffee, soft drinks, mineral water and small sweets also await our partners. Furthermore, the meeting rooms can be shaded from the outside, which is particularly important to us for the purpose of keeping business secrets. A professional team assists my companies with their daily work.

Gábor Veress, Magyar Konténer Kft.

“The contract concluded with House of Business Bank Center for the provision of virtual office services was one that I never regretted concluding. The activities covered by the contract are always carried out quickly and efficiently by the receptionists. I am notified immediately of any incoming mail, so the continuous exchange of information works excellently and makes my work easier.”

Greensearch Kft.

The combination of the virtual office and head office services is the most convenient solution for us: postal mail and deliveries by couriers are always be received, even when we work from home. Whenever we need a meeting room or an office for a day, we just call House of Business without a moment’s hesitation. The offices are beautifully designed and executed, and we are always pleased to use the meeting rooms with our partners. The most important thing for me is that we always find a good solution, and can see that the other party is working relentlessly toward this goal.
This is the kind of service I receive from House of Business, whose staff is very helpful in every situation.“

Csudinka Csudutov, MIMOX Kft.

“This great solution has come to us after a long time of struggling. I will never have to deal with the issue of cleaning, and it is also extremely convenient that we do not have any utility bills and administration with the service providers, even the Internet service provider. House of Business provides us with high-speed and entirely uninterrupted Internet access. We are saved of more headache as we do not have to buy coffee or office supplies, wash the cups, worry about empty printer toner cartridges, running out of printing paper, envelopes or similar items. Finally, our guests are welcomed by professional receptionists, who take and deliver messages, even answered the phone, as if they were our own receptionists, except we don’t have to train them. Because of the pandemic, we all moved to home office, which means right now our office is only virtual, but rent a meeting room takes only a minute, which means we do not have to maintain one all the time. Another advantage of such an office is that the space we used can be increased flexibly, we can also contract for any length of time, and the office can be notified to the court of register as our registered address. It is also very convenient because parking is always available both outside and inside, and the proximity of the underground was also important for us.”




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Flexible office rental services

Customised, scalable private and flexible office rental solutions, also on an hourly basis

Meeting room rental on hourly basis

Meeting rooms perfectly prepared for you on the basis of prior individual needs